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1 World Medicinals products contain only natural, organic, food grade ingredients.  No chemicals or GMOs. Crafted and bottled in a nut and dairy free facility. The only animal products used are bees wax and honey. Oils infusions are cold steeped for 6 weeks to preserve the true nature of the oils and herbs.

Wellness Spray- An anti microbial spray made form organic essential oils and spring water. This product kills Staph, Strep and many other nasties. Spray on surfaces, skin, throat, eyes and in the air. Use as often as needed. Safe for children and animals.  8oz $15

CBD Cream- This CBD cream is micronized for immediate absorption. This organic cream works systemically easing anxiety, migraines, pain, seizures, tics, spasms, sleeplessness, autism, inflammation & slow healing injuries. Our natural  CBD receptors allow correct neural firing throughout the brain and body. It’s all about balance.  2oz $60

Relax CDB Spray- Relax is a CBD tincture combined with essential oils, spring water and honey. 3 sprays 1-2 times a day reduces anxiety, promotes sleep, its proven to help nerve conduction and is helpful in nerve related illness such as Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia etc.  1oz $45   2oz $70