What type of massage should I book?

No need to book a specific type of massage, unless it is fasciablasting. Book the amount of TIME you need and we will discuss your needs before your massage. Please make sure to show up BEFORE the time of your massage, so we can start on time.

Can I bring my child with me?

If your child can sit still during the whole massage, they are more than welcome to come into the room with you. 

What is Fasciablasting?

The Fasciablaster was originally created for the purpose of loosening and reorganizing the fascia around joints, giving ones suffering from rheumatoid arthritis freedom from a potentially painful and debilitating disorder.  The Fascia Blaster has been proven to reduce and eliminate pain.  It also has become popular for it’s positive effects on the appearance of cellulite. It has become acknowledged by doctors, therapists (including massage therapists), sports figures, trainers and various others for eliminating pain (including nerve, muscle and joint pain), stiffness, bad circulation, and reduced the look of cellulite based on real results from real people. The FasciaBlaster tool has become a staple in many people’s weekly routine to stave off cellulite, pain and many more ailments! It breaks up and softens the fascia tissue that bonds our body together like glue.  By realigning the fascia and allowing fluids and fats to be released and flow correctly the fascia is able to become re-hydrated, thus maximizing the full potential of healthy fascia and eliminating trapped fat.  In addition regulating nerves and blood flow, enables muscle growth where it once was impeded by constricting tight and/or knotted fascia. 

* It is recommended that you purchase the tool, for home use, so you can also do sessions at home.  It should be used on a regular basis, to get the best results.  You can purchase here: https://fasciablaster.com?rfsn=1432477.22055


If someone is on blood thinners or has a history of blood clots we tell them it’s usually NOT safe for them – so please consult your doctor and be sure to get CLEARED with an ultrasound by a doctor before you try anything that enhances circulation like this! Even with the clearance from blood clots, our official position is that it’s not safe for you if you've had a history of blood clots, so it’s an “at your own risk” situation that you need to get approved by your doctor.

FasciaBlasting can be contraindicated for anyone who is taking blood thinners or has a history of blood clots because blood clots can be caught up in the fascia, so when you break up the fascial adhesions the blood clot can be released, which can be fatal.